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Born in the State of Paraná on September 23, 1985, Day Mesquita took an interest in the artistic life very early. At 14, she graduated in jazz from a dance school, and at 15, she became a professional dancer. Two years later, she graduated in ballet and took her first steps in acting by attending an intensive professional course at the Nilton Travesso drama school. That same year, she got her first TV commercial.

In 2004, she enrolled in a course at the Incenna School of Theater and Television and performed in two plays directed by Armando Filho, “Vem buscar-me que ainda sou teu” and “Gota d’água”, a text by Brazilian writers Chico Buarque and Paulo Pontes. The following year, she presented the program “Teen Power” on Rede 21.

Her debut in telenovelas was in 2007 in “Dance, Dance, Dance” on Rede Bandeirantes, portraying the antagonist, Amanda. Two years later, she starred in the telenovela “Vende-se um Véu de Noiva” on SBT as Eliana Vilela. Also in 2009, she performed in the play “Sorria” and participated in the TV workshop by Luiz Antônio Rocha at Braapa. In 2011, she took part in the show “Morando Sozinho” on Multishow and in the Study Group TAPA.

The following year, Day was chosen, along with six other actors, to star in the show “Viagem sem Fim” on Multishow, in which they traveled through California in a motorhome. In the same year, she played in the musical “A Pequena Sereia” (The Little Mermaid), directed by Paulo Ribeiro.

In 2012, she played her first character on Globo in the telenovela “Cheias de Charme”, giving life to the lawyer Stela. After this work, she was chosen to play Fernanda in the telenovela “Além do Horizonte” on the same channel in 2013.

In 2014, she participated in the play “Os Intolerantes”, directed by Henrique Tavares, portraying the role of an activist. On TV, she played the lead role of Diana in the show “(Des)Encontros” on Canal Sony. A year later, she took part in a workshop with the casting director Sérgio Penna and was in the cast of the telenovela “Os Dez Mandamentos” on Record, playing the role of Yunet.

In 2016, Day made an appearance in the show “O Negócio” on HBO as Flavia. Additionally, she was cast in the telenovela “A Terra Prometida” as Ioná, her second soap opera on the channel.

In 2018, she made her cinema debut in the first part of the movie “Nada a Perder – Contra Tudo, Por Todos,” playing Ester Bezerra. That same year, she appeared in the telenovela “Jesus”, in the role of Mary Magdalene, receiving several positive reviews in Brazil and other countries where the production aired.

The actress returned to movie theaters in 2019 in the second part of the movie “Nada a Perder” and was cast to star in “Amor Sem Igual”, a contemporary soap opera on Record TV. In the role of the charismatic Poderosa, she garnered a substantial fan following in countries such as Canada, France, Switzerland, Angola, and Portugal. She also won the 2020 Contigo Award in the “Best Actress” category, competing against Taís Araújo, Regina Casé, Glória Pires, and Adriana Esteves.

Continuing her streak in soap operas in recent years, Day recorded the miniseries “Tudo de Bom” in 2021, set to be released on a streaming platform to be defined, where she will play Simone Mantovani, one of the central characters. Additionally, the artist can be seen in “How To Be a Carioca”, a new series on Star+!

2018 – Nada a Perder – pers.: Ester Bezerra

2019 – Amor sem igual – pers.: Angélica/Poderosa (Record)
2018 – Jesus – pers.: Maria Madalena (Record)
2016 – O negócio – pers.: Flávia (HBO)
2016 – A Terra Prometida – pers.: Ioná (Record)
2015 – Os Dez Mandamentos – pers.: Yunet (Record)
2014 – (Des)encontros – pers.: Diana (Canal Sony)
2013 – Além do Horizonte – pers.: Fernanda (Globo)
2012 – Cheias de Charme – pers.: Stella (Globo)
2012 – Viagem Sem Fim (Multishow)
2011 – Morando Sozinho (Multishow)
2009 – Vende-se um Véu de Noiva – pers.: Eliana Vilela (SBT)
2007 – Dance, Dance, Dance – pers.: Amanda Vasconcellos (Band)

2014 – “Os Intolerantes” – Direção: Henrique Tavares
2012 – “A Pequena Sereia” – Direção: Paulo Ribeiro
2009 – “Sorria” – Direção: Guily
2004 – “Gota D´água” – Direção: Armando Filho
2004 – “Vem buscar-me que ainda sou teu” – Direção: Armando Filho

Formação Artística:
2015 – Workshop Sérgio Penna
2010/2011 – Grupo de Estudos – Grupo TAPA
2009 – Workshop de interpretação para TV com Luiz Antônio Rocha Braapa
2004 – Incenna Escola de teatro e televisão
2003 – Curso profissionalizante intensivo – Escola de teatro Nilton Travesso

2000 – Curso de Ballet clássico – Espaço Dança e Vida
1999 – Curso de Jazz – Espaço Dança e Vida

Campanhas Publicitárias:
• Acuvue – 2015
• Guaratinguetá 100 anos – Fevereiro/ 2012
• TIM – Março / 2011
• Canon – Novembro / 2010
• GM – Abril / 2010
• Shopping Tatuapé – Março / 2009
• C&A – Março / 2009
• Vivo – Fevereiro / 2007
• Renault – Fevereiro / 2007
• Coca-Cola – Out/ 2006
• Perdigão – Set / 2006
• Albany – Jun / 2006
• Albany (Festival de Cannes) – Abr/ 2006
• Pão de Açúcar – Dez/2004
• Lojas Marisa – Dez/2003