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At just 11 years old, the actress Polliana Aleixo made her television debut in 2007, playing the character Lucélia at the Rede Globo special “O Segredo da Princesa Lili” (Princess Lili’s Secret), next to Renato Aragão and directed by Marcus Figueiredo.
The following year, she was cast for her first soap opera, “Beleza Pura” (Pure Beauty), also from Globo, playing Dominique, one of Christiane Torloni’s daughters in the plot. Still in the station, in 2009, Polliana was called to play Jullia in the series “Tudo Novo de Novo” (Everything New Again). Then, in 2010, she was acting again with Regiane Alves, with whom she had already acted in her first soap opera playing sisters, but now as a mother and daughter in “Tempos Modernos” (Modern Times). In the plot, the actress plays the role of Maria Eunice, firstborn of a couple with four daughters.
Having many jobs in a row in the same TV station, in 2011, the actress plays Olivia in the soap opera “Insensato Coração”  (Unwise Heart), directed by Dénis Carvalho and Maria de Médicis. In 2012, Polliana was invited to play the obstinate tennis player Cecília Villaça, daughter of Francisco Cuoco, in the soap opera “A Vida da Gente” (Our Lives). In the same year, she joined the cast of the soap opera “Cheias de Charme” (Full of Charm) with the character Beatriz.
Two years later, the actress returns to TV in the prime time, in the soap opera “Em Família” (In Family), also by Globo, playing Bárbara, daughter of the character lived by Vivianne Pasmanter, and who was a turning point in her career, not only due to its nucleus and novel, but because it was Polliana’s first work at the adulthood.
Between 2015 and 2017, Polliana studied Publicity at the IBMR University. In the middle of 2018, the soap opera “Jesus” was released on Rede Record, when she played the role of Kesiah.
The actress recorded in 2019 a participation in the TV show “Dra. Darci ” (Doctor Darci) , from Multishow, directed by Cris D’amato, which was shown in November 2020, and her first movie, entitled “A Sogra Perfeita” (The Perfect Mother-in-Low). In the film by director Cris D’amato, that will be released still this year, Polliana plays Cileia, one of the main characters.
Her next character is in the soap opera “Gênesis”, by Record, where she will be Ló’s daughter, called Paltith.