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João was born in 1995. Since 3 he started doing VO and Dub in his fathers studio.

At the age of 14 he got in his first theatre company experience at school, and since then he’s been doing part of lots of different plays and musicals in english and portuguese (about 20), evolving from school theatre to professional plays with big audience here in Brazil.

At the same time he started testing for TV and Cinema. He made part of many commercials until 2013 when he signed with VIVO , the main telecom company in Brazil , to star a series of tv spots directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God , Blindness…). His character evolved in popularity so much that the contract still on, and João has got chance to work with many Brazilian famous actors and celebrities becoming very well known here.

He has made part of 11 cinema productions – including movies and TV series (Buddies , Lascados, The Rob (this one, not released yet, was also directed by Fernando Meirelles and starred by Beatriz Segal , an 92 year old and very famous Brazilian actress and João), To Ryca, O Segredo de Davi, Ninguém Entra Ninguém Sai, Amor.com, Eu Sou Mais Eu, O Negócio on HBO – 4 seasons, The American Guest – also on HBO and The 3 Terezas – 2 seasons) 3 short films – including one where he is also the screenwriter , and he is now releasing his debut feature film as writer and director.

João make singing and piano lessons with some regularity, plays drums and percussion , speaks english fluently , some spanish and his language , portuguese. He has done many courses and classes with the best theatre technics teachers here , he also writes some pieces having winning contests playing his own created characters.



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