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Even though Dalton Vigh has graduated in Advertising from the Methodist University of São Paulo, he decided not to follow that path and invested in his acting career. His first television work was in the telenovela Tocaia Grande in 1995. He also participated in the telenovelas Estrela de Fogo and Pérola Negra, both in 1998. After Dalton and Patricia Sabrit played a romantic couple in Pérola Negra, the two starred opposite one another again in Vidas Cruzadas in lead roles. It was also at this time that the actor had his debut in the cinema in the movie Por Trás do Pano.

Dalton gained further notoriety when presenting the TV show Top TV in 2000.
He has also worked as a TV host on cable TV station People & Arts. His performance in the role of Rachid Said in the telenovela O Clone in 2001 was a major success. In 2003 he played the historical character Luigi Rossetti in the miniseries A casa das Sete Mulheres.

Three years later, the actor shone again in the role of villain Clovis Moura in the telenovela O Profeta. Soon after that, he was invited to play Marconi Ferraço, the main villain of the telenovela Duas Caras, written by Aguinaldo Silva.

In 2009 he was cast in the show Cinquentinha, and in 2010 he participated in the shows SOS Emergência, Na Forma da Lei and As Cariocas. The actor also participated in the miniseries Amor em Quatro Atos, inspired by Chico Buarque’s songs, and starred in the episode Meu único defeito foi não saber te amar. Then he worked in the show Lara com Z and joined the cast of the telenovela Fina Estampa, all on Rede Globo. Between 2012 and 2013 he worked in the telenovela Salve Jorge by Gloria Perez, playing the lawyer Carlos Flores Galvão. Two years later, he played the doctor Tomás in I Love Paraisópolis. 2016 was the year Dalton premiered in the 11p.m. telenovela Liberdade Liberdade in which he played Raposo, a supporter of the 18th century Brazilian separatist movement inconfidência mineira who, after the execution of Tiradentes (played by Thiago Lacerda), adopts Joaquina (played by Mel Maia) and names her Rosa. They move to Portugal, and after becoming rich with the help of the Portuguese Crown, he follows the court’s ideas. In 1808, he comes back to Brazil with the royal family, bringing Joaquina, who at this stage is played by actress Andreia Horta, and his other two sons.
In 2017 he worked in the movie A Comédia Divina, for which he received good critique for showing his comedic side, which so far had not been explored much in his career. The cast also featured the actors Monica Iozzi, Murilo Rosa, Juliana Alves, Thiago Mendonça, among others. In the same year, he was also in theaters with the play Uma Peça por Outra, another success that got great reviews by both the public and critics in São Paulo and that even had its season extended twice.

In 2018, Dalton joined the cast of the fourth and final season of O Negócio on HBO, which was launched simultaneously across Latin America. In theaters, he was in the movie Nada a Perder – Contra Tudo, Por Todos, playing the judge Ramos. Furthermore, he made his comeback to TV station SBT in the telenovela As Aventuras de Poliana, in which he played the lead character Otto Peddleton.
In 2019, the actor was in theaters in the movies Kardec and Nada a Perder – Parte 2.
In the same year, he participated in the award-winning play Caros Ouvintes in São Paulo, lauded by the public and critics alike.

In 2020 he had his debut in streaming. Dalton was given one of the main roles in the Globoplay show A Divisão. At the same time, the actor was simultaneously in three telenovelas reruns: Fina Estampa (Globo), O Clone (Viva), and Aventuras de Poliana (SBT).

In early 2021 he starred in the play O Urso, by Russian writer Chekhov, which streamed live from the Alliance Francaise theater through Zoom Having participated in over 30 productions for TV, among telenovelas, TV shows, and miniseries, as well as in 12 feature films and 14 plays, Dalton, with a successful 25-year career, has among its forthcoming works the movie Sem Pai Nem Mãe, starring opposite Alexandre Nero.